blueprint and Nutter building


Harold Nutter founded Harold E. Nutter Company in 1970.

Harold and his wife, Mildred, operated the business from their home in Fair Oaks, CA. Mildred managed the office, and cooked breakfast for the field crew, while Harold did everything else.

By 1975, the business had moved from their home to Rosebud Lane, in Sacramento. It was also in 1975 that Harold and Mildred's son, Norman, returned from Gonzaga Law School to join the business. By 1980, Harold was semi-retired and Norm ran the day to day operations of the business. In 1989 Harold decided that it was time for he and Mildred to truly retire to their home in Grass Valley, so he sold their interest in the business to Norm. At that time the company became known as Harold E. Nutter & Son, Inc.

In 1990 Harold E. Nutter & Son, Inc. went through a NLRB Board certified election. By the end of the year Nutter Electric had negotiated a contract with an independent union, known as the United Electrical Workers (U.E.W.). Since that time, Nutter Electric has enjoyed a spirit of true cooperation working with the U.E.W. Our union agreement ensures fair wages and working conditions for our employees throughout the Western United States, while allowing Nutter Electric the freedom to do whatever is required to meet our customer's needs.

In 1999, Harold E. Nutter & Son, Inc. recognized a need within the electrical industry for telephone and data cabling. To provide the best service, a new division was opened which offered cabling, computer network design, installation and maintenance.

In 2003, Norm founded a new, federally approved apprenticeship program called I-TAP (Independent Training and Apprenticeship Program). This program serves commercial and residential electrician trainees and apprentices all over northern California. It also provides continuing education classes to all skill levels of electricians. I-TAP is demonstration of Harold E. Nutter & Son, Inc.’s commitment to apprenticeship and training.

Although Harold E. Nutter & Son, Inc. has grown, we have tried to keep a personal touch with the office and with our customers. Norm and Bonni are as committed to quality service today as they were when Harold opened the doors in 1970. The result of this commitment is that 85% of our business is with repeat customers. This diverse and loyal customer base makes it unnecessary for Harold E. Nutter & Son, Inc. to participate in the open bid market, and has afforded us the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects. In the future, Harold E. Nutter & Son, Inc. looks forward to continued growth, as we continue to tackle increasingly complex and exciting projects.